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How we are each called into the fullness of our being? How might
we articulate personal truth and thus bring about justice andsocial change? What does it mean to serve the source of love at the center of creation?


—Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew


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Marty’s Gift: Better than Publication

small_5236103680Today I’m appreciating Marty, a student and client of mine, perhaps because I’m only now digesting an important lesson he taught me.

Marty was born in Wyoming to a conservative Christian household in a virulently Christian community. When he came out gay, his pastor tried to straighten him out with intensive reprogramming. Because Marty was a lawyer and voracious reader, this involved years of in-depth theological study and long, difficult conversations.

Marty was also a raging alcoholic, and one day after coming out of a bar in Atlantic City he was gay-bashed almost to death. I met Marty years later, after he’d sobered up, left his law practice, recovered his faith, and begun a memoir. Being bludgeoned in the head with concrete, he’d realized, was a cakewalk compared with the theological abuse he’d suffered from this pastor and community. He wanted to write the story. read more…

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