Swinging on the Garden Gate

Swinging on the Garden Gate book coverSwinging on the Garden Gate explores bisexuality as a creative expression of God and examines the ways in which the spirit resides in the world.

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Swinging on the Garden Gate: A Spiritual Memoir

From the cover: Andrew skillfully and seamlessly weaves the threads of spirituality, sexuality and the creative process out of the compelling events of her life. The spark of spirit she finds embedded in her body she also discovers throughout the solid matter of life — in childhood, in nature, in encounters with death and loss and wild growth. Her exploration of the sacred is vivid, fresh, and grounded in the details of ordinary days.

In Andrew’s words, “There was a time when I was not yet out of the closet when I’d stand for hours scanning the bookstore shelves for a book that dealt honestly with both sexuality and spirituality, that might reconcile the experience of being bisexual with the Christian faith. If I could find this book, I’d be less lonely and more confident of my sanity… There was no such book. The gap on the bookshelves gave me a mandate: Walk into your longing. Write this book.”