Views from the Loft

A Portable Writer’s Workshop

Edited by Daniel Slager

 Views from the Loft book cover“If I don’t read every day, imagining I’m someone else, and if I don’t write every night, pretending to be someone else, I am nearly unbearable, and unable to bear my life.”
—Susan Straight, “Why I Write Fiction”

A who’s who of writers on writing spanning from the National Book Award-winning poet Mark Doty to Newberry Medal-winning children’s author Kate DiCamillo, and touching on issues as delicate as the representation of family in memoir and as hilarious as a “sad-epiphany poem” Mad Lib for frustrated poets, this book is an essential collection of crucial tips and challenging questions for everyone  who puts pen to page in pursuit of art.

For thirty-five years the Loft Literary Center has provided a community for all writers—from the most experienced workshop junky to the first-time scribbler. Views from the Loft brings the collected wisdom of that community—its authors, students, and editors—together to give anyone the tools and inspiration they need to thrive in the writing life.

With more than 60 essays, including:

GRACE PALEY on the writer’s responsibility in the world
RICK BASS on writing and keeping your schedule open for the muse
MARILYN CHIN on grandfathers, cowlicks, and shoe glue in first drafts of poems
LEWIS HYDE on embracing the mythology of wholeness in nonfiction
TED KOOSER on fostering a poetic life
SUSAN STRAIGHT on writing through clogged toilets, broken windows, and the other charms of single-motherhood

Elizabeth’s essay is titled “Journaling the Inside Out.”

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