This winter and spring, all of my classes are online.  Join me from wherever you are!  I’m especially excited to offer a few retreats for those who’d like prolonged time to write.

January 10-15Living Revision:  Writing for Transformation Retreat through the Christine Center.  Creative writing, engaged with intention, is rife with invitations to open our eyes, widen our hearts, and strengthen our voices. We are created as we create. How can we open our hearts to the movement of the Sacred during the writing process?  This online retreat will support writers as they set aside a week to work on their projects. Daily reflections, exercises, and conversations will help writers cultivate contemplative practices within our writing, “living the questions” on the page, exercising forgiveness as we generate, seeing with new eyes and releasing our attachments when we revise, and centering ourselves in love throughout.

January 29-31Spiritual Memoir writing retreat through the Episcopal House of Prayer. Join me for this weekend introduction to the art and spiritual practice of writing memoir.  What is memoir, and how is it different from autobiography?  What makes memoir spiritual?  How can the practice of writing memoir, either for an audience or for no audience, support spiritual growth?  Using writing exercises and readings from master writers, we will get started with the basics.  We will also discuss how to sustain spiritual memoir writing as an ongoing contemplative practice. More information will be posted here.  You can register here.

February 8-12.  Publishing with Pride:  A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Books of Faith Online Conference with Writing for Your Life.

Beginning February 18The Inner Life of Stories: Writing as Deep Listening Small Group Twice a month, on Thursday afternoons: 2/18, 3/4/, 3/18, 4/1/, 4/15, 4/29, 1:30-3:00.  What mysterious life-force inspires our writing? How can writers best serve that life? Creative writing is a call-and-response between self and Other, willful exertion and receptivity, deep privacy and, at times, a public audience. Building on Robert Frost’s wisdom, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader; no surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader,” we will open ourselves to tears and surprises as we listen for what emerges on the page. At each gathering we will write together, discuss one dimension of writing as a contemplative practice, and support one another’s ongoing writing habits with careful listening. This small group is for writers of every level, from beginning to experienced, who want to strengthen the spiritual dimension of their writing life.

Second Fridays, 1:30-3:30.  These Wisdom Ways spiritual memoir drop-in sessions are meant to support the ongoing spiritual practice of writing memoir. Sign up for the series or single classes.  (Registration will open here soon.)

January: Tending the Well:  Writing During the Pandemic
February:  Dreams, Our Most Intimate Scripture
March:  Writing Through and About Grief
April:  Writing About Others
May: Writing as Mindfulness
June:  Re-seeing Revision

Ongoing support for writing spiritual memoir

I post weekly spiritual memoir writing prompts on my Facebook page and website to get you going.  I’ve also just started a Facebook group for spiritual memoir writers and readers where we’re sharing great titles, dimensions of our writing practice, struggles, celebrations… You’re most welcome to leap in.