2013 Christmas Greetings from the Jarretts

2013 Christmas Greetings from the Jarretts

Our days are gloriously full!  Rather than summarize 2013, we thought we’d give you a day in the life of…

1.  Eats two fried eggs and turnip greens for breakfast.
2.  Waltzes with folks in wheelchairs.
3.  Builds a network with fellow traditional dancers who care about water issues.
4.  Bikes Gwyn home from school in the trailer.
5.  Bakes teddy bear bread.
6.  Goes to Ethnic Dance Theatre rehearsal.
7.  Soaks beans for the next day’s menu.
8.  Updates Elizabeth on what piece of dance music is in her head.

1.  Waxes poetic about how much she loves her morning tea.
2.  Bikes Gwyn to school on the tag-along.
3.  Thinks about how faith works and try to represent that in story.
4.  Eats broiled tortillas and cheese.
5.  Reads stacks of student manuscripts, enjoying their stories and imagining how they might grow.
6.  Hosts a salon for writers to discuss the purpose of their work in the wider world.
7.  Gives Rhia her thyroid pill at the bathroom sink, amid happy purrs.

1.  Runs into Mama and Imma’s room shouting, “I have an idea!”
2.  Creates a theme for her outfit:  Purple girl?  Farmer girl?  Polka-dot girl?
3.  Makes a model airport and airplanes out of toilet paper rolls.
4.  Bikes to preschool.
5.  Plays.  Bakes pretzels.  Plays.  Dips candles.  Plays.  Eats pretzels.  Plays.  Tries to be a good friend.  Plays.  Listens to stories.  Plays.
6.  Bikes home.
7.  Listens to Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed (for the twelfth time) during quiet time.  Memorizes it.
8.  Has great difficulty sitting at the dinner table.
9.  Falls asleep to dance music.

DSC_0788Exceptional Days in 2013

March:  Emily performs dances from Turkey, Romania, Russia, Georgia, and Bulgaria with Ethnic Dance Theatre.  Tickets are already available for her next show, June 27-29!

June:  Elizabeth finds a publisher for her first novel!  Hannah, Delivered will come out in paperback and ebook next May, but it’s available for preorder now.Hannah Delivered cover sm

July:  Emily loses her wedding ring in the shallows of Lake Nokomis.  Six hours of searching and metal-detecting later, the ring is still missing but Gwyn has learned to love the water.  By the end of the summer, she boasts to another kid,  “I can swim.  I can swim without a life jacket!  I can swim without a swim suit!!  I CAN SKINNY DIP!”  A treasure hunter finds Emily’s ring and returns it to her because he likes doing such things.

DSC_1630August:  At the Minnesota State Fair with Nancie and Tom, we “just happened” to run into friends toting a marriage license on a stick.  Would we like to get legally married?  Why, yes!  Nancie and Tom were thrilled.  Thanks to the DNR for providing the perfect setting (the junk sculpture) and to the people of Minnesota for making this possible.

September:  Elizabeth joins Helen and Len for a week in southern Italy to learn about her Italian origins:  Days of hiking through tiny hill towns in Basilicata, meeting with Municipio officials, eating homemade pasta, drinking wine for lunch and dinner, and reclaiming her Lucana roots.  Turns out Len’s paternal grandfather was descended from Albanians.IMG_3078

September:  The Jarretts celebrate Thomas and Billy’s wedding in Guerneville, CA.  Highlights:  Gwyn being the only one escorted to her seat, Thomas and Billy doing Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who would say his vow first, jumping into the Russian River, glow-in-the-dark bocce ball, and Gwyn and Aunt Lori bonding over a diner breakfast.  On the flight home, after a flight attendant’s announcement, Gwyn says, “I know what an aircraft is!  It’s a decorated airplane”–and gets inspiration for a craft.

DSC_0140_2Fall:  After receiving fiscal sponsorship for Wisdom Dances, Emily is given financial incentive to approach her supporters for donations.  She gets an overwhelming response.  A week later, the Capitol Region Watershed District gives her a $10,000 grant to use dance to promote water stewardship.  Wisdom Dances is on a roll!

December:  After a full month of preparations, Gwyn hosts her fifth birthday party.  “And now, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you, not to just a basement, but to a marsh!”  Ten kids dressed as bugs fly around the basement trying to steal cheese-puff pollen from a grown-up frog.  Then we eat bugs for lunch.

We’re so grateful for our good health, for a year packed with creative fun, and for our dear neighbors, our strong community, and our beloved family.  Many blessings on your Christmas and New Year!

Love Elizabeth, Emily, and Gwyn

IMG_0586IMG_0706Thanks to Jenny Larson for so many of these awesome photos!