Full Stop

A brief explanation for the long hiatus in my newsletter:  Two months ago my father flew to Minneapolis for a visit and fell ill with atypical pneumonia.  He died on July 10th.  I’m reeling from my father’s death and my consequent loss of connection with Sleepy Hollow, NY, where I grew up. 

My grief is immense.  At the same time, my sister and I are spending a month together immersed in paperwork, packing, crying copious tears, yes, and also visiting family friends, sorting photos, walking along the Hudson, telling stories…  We’re fortunate to have the time and space to grieve—together.  Had my father died even a month earlier, this might not have been possible.  I’m struck by how unusual it is for us (for most Americans?) to come to a full stop like this, to do nothing but love my dad.  It’s an immense gift.  Grief is beautiful in its own wretched way.

Rather than write something new for you this month, I’d like to introduce you to my dad.  The local Rotary Club wrote this article about him in The Hudson Independent.  I share it because I’m proud of the work he did, because his life of service is such a good model, and because I’m grateful to be his daughter.  My dad’s involvement in interfaith work inspired us to host an interfaith memorial service.  You’re welcome to watch it, and my eulogy, here.

I’ll be back at work come September.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience and prayers.