GLBTQA and/or Christian? Here are some resources.

Are you a Christian who is exploring your sexual identity? Or are you a GLBTQA person questioning your Christian faith? Check out Welcoming and Affirming – LGBTQ+ Resources from Compassionate Christianity.

And here are some books that celebrate your unique body and spirit.

“In these times of dramatic social change, when the highly charged issue of homosexuality is undeniably causing controversy in many arenas–religion, marriage, politics, education, the military–Christian de la Huerta, offers a fresh outlook on gay spirituality and how to assert it.”
Taking a Chance on God by John J. McNeill
“Taking a Chance on God explores how lesbians and gay men can claim both a positive gay identity and a fulfilling life of Christian faith.”

“In this remarkable book, Mel White details his twenty-five years of being counseled, exorcised, electric-shocked, prayed for, and nearly driven to suicide because his church said homosexuality was wrong. But his salvation–to be openly gay and Christian–is more than a unique coming-out story.”

“In this volume Hornsby and Guest introduce readers to terms for the various identities of trans people and how the Bible can be an affirmation of those deemed sexually other by communities.”

“As an openly lesbian Episcopal priest and professional advocate for LGBTQ justice, the Reverend Elizabeth Edman has spent her career grappling with the core tenets of her faith. After deep reflection on her tradition, Edman is struck by the realization that her queer identity has taught her more about how to be a good Christian than the church.”

“Using life stories — from living in a hopeful-but-haggard commune of slackers to surviving the wobbly chairs and war stories of a group for recovering alcoholics, from her unusual but undeniable spiritual calling to pastoring a notorious con artist.”
“‘Unnatural:’ Spiritual Resiliency in Queer Christian Women is a compilation of research, interviews and memoir, an exploration of the experiences of women who have fought to hold onto their faith and the personal growth they experienced along the way.”
“Our Lives Matter uses the tenor of the 2014 national protests that emerged as a response to excessive police force against Black people to frame the book as following the discursive tradition of liberation theologies broadly speaking and womanist theology specifically.”

“Gay Christian author and activist Chris Glaser believes that sexual minorities, often denied their churches’ traditional sacraments, have found unique access to the sacred in their lives: coming out of the closet.”

“Much has been said and written about trans people by theologians and Church leaders, while little has been heard from trans Christians themselves. As a step towards redressing the balance, This Is My Body offers a grounded reflection on people’s experience of gender dissonance that involves negotiating the boundaries between one’s identity and religious faith.”

“Chris Glaser believes that spirituality and sexuality are not opposing forces, but that they are both important parts of the human experience that ought to be embraced. This book of prayers encourages readers to come out to God as sexual and spiritual beings.”

“Using as an illustration her own spiritual journey from certainty, through doubt, to faith, Evans adds a unique perspective to the ongoing dialogue about postmodernism and the church that has so captivated the Christian community in recent years.”
Of course I’m biased here! Swinging is my journey to discover God’s unique and blessed creation in my bisexual body. I hope this personal story touches on universal truths about how human sexuality, in all its forms, is a divine gift.
“The author, a nontransgender pastor, spent three years serving a church where ten percent of the congregation identified as trans men, trans women, cross-dressers, or genderqueer.”

“In this profoundly innovative book, Ashon T. Crawley engages a wide range of critical paradigms from black studies, queer theory, and sound studies to theology, continental philosophy, and performance studies to theorize the ways in which alternative or “otherwise” modes of existence can serve as disruptions against the marginalization of and violence against minoritarian lifeworlds and possibilities for flourishing.”

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