Journals that publish short spiritual memoirs.

Please contact me if you know of other venues or would like your journal included on this list.

Dappled Things (Catholic, in print and online)
Ginosko Literary Journal (spirituality, social justice, online)
Image Magazine (Literary, Christian, in print and online)
The Other Journal: An Intersection of Theology & Culture (Literary, in print and online)
Prairie Schooner (Literary, in print)
Relief Journal (Judeo-Christian, Literary, epub and in print)
Rock and Sling: A Journal of Witness (Christian, Literary, online)
Ruminate Magazine:  Chewing on Life, Faith, and Art (Faith, Literary, in print)
Spirituality and Health (in print and online)
The Sun Magazine (Literary, in print)
St. Katherine Review (Faith writing, Literary, in print)
St. Sebastian Review (LGBTQ Christian, Literary, free downloads)
The Whirlwind Review (online journal of writing and spirituality edited by Jill Jepson)

Online resources to support your spiritual memoir writing and reading.  Again, please contact me if you’d like your site included.

Antler.  Through onsite workshops, print media, and digital content, Antler exists to help people engage creativity as a devotional practice for spiritual formation.

The Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research has a new online feature to support faith and writing with book reviews, resources, and publications from Institute participants.

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