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Stillness and Action – Plymouth Meaning Podcast

Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew is one of the founders of the Plymouth Contemplative, a group that travels across Christian and other spiritual traditions exploring what emerges out of silence. We sat down to discuss her pathway into contemplation throught memoir writing and how that path led to a shift in her understanding of God.

Write On! Radio

Elizabeth discusses her memoir, Swinging on the Garden Gate, which discusses her experiences as a bisexual person of faith in a Christian community.

Via Poetica Journal

Elizabeth reads her essay, “The Calculus of Awe,” from Vita Poetica Journal’s Winter 2023 issue.

Byte Sized Blessings

From the host: Elizabeth has several stories to tell, and each are enchanting! This delightful author of several books has clearly been called from the start to a magical and delicious life! We talk how even the darkness has potentials in it and how going through a dark night of the soul can prepare one for the profoundest magic in one’s life.

How to Heal Our Divides

This book interview explores Swinging on the Garden Gate with Elizabeth.

This Queer Book Saved My Life

“No one ever told me that I could be divine. That my sexuality was a gift.”
Sandy Hope says that Elizabeth’s Swinging on the Garden Gate saved her life. She and Elizabeth discuss this in this episode.

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