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Deep Dive into Chaos

We’re in the throes of deep revision and the only way out is through.

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No Justice, No Peace

“No justice, no peace” is a metaphysical statement, a irreducible truth that describes how the world functions, with no exceptions. If a society is unjust, it is never peaceful.

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A Place to Begin

The question that presses at me daily now is this: Will I allow myself to be changed for the better by this pandemic? Today? Even

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Let’s cultivate an awareness that we’re connected.

Community does not necessarily mean living face-to-face with others; rather, it means never losing the awareness that we are connected to each other. It is not about the presence of other people—it is about being fully open to the reality of relationship, whether or not we are alone.” –Parker Palmer

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Welcome, Virus

So what can we do? We can accept these limits. We can release, again and again, our needs for security, affection, and control. We can embrace this moment as it is, fully welcoming the wisdom of the body, because in our fear and sadness and anger hides our immense love for this world, and that’s where divinity enters.

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A Real Life

The interior life is a real life and it’s the life that continues. It’s powerful beyond imagining, especially if entered with love.

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Shattering Glass

Back then I called it “coming out.” Today I think of it more as a coming into consciousness.

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Bound Together: “Religion” turned inside out

Delio dismissed the concept of institutionalized religion with a wave of her hand—it’s too small, inaccurate, misleading. Religion is a dynamic in evolution moving creation to ever greater diversity and unity.

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In Praise of Being Thwarted

What’s different now is that, after banging my head against the wall for a bit, I occasionally see the blessings of being thwarted.  Whatever tiny openings I find release in me a fierce and focused effort and creative solutions that otherwise might not have been possible. 

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Put Down the Ducky!

In meditation, I practice releasing my grip on something I love for the sake of something I don’t yet know or trust—silence, rest, peace. I pray this exercises my capacity to welcome new loves, because I really need this ability in the real world where my attachments are so hard to relinquish. Especially when I don’t even know I’m attached.

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  1. Thank you for offering me wisdom and understanding about why i am writing spiritual autobiography. I just am getting started reading Writing the Sacred Journey. Every word touches me deeply. Thank you.

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