4 thoughts on “Looking for Imagination Professionals”

  1. “. . . We learned not to believe in anything, to ignore each other, to care only about ourselves. Concepts such as love, friendship, compassion, humility or forgiveness lost their depth and dimensions. . . .” Is this why, I wonder, whenever I see an picture of Putin an image of a crocodile simultaneously appears in my mind? How sorry I feel for the people who have grown up in such a milieu!

  2. Yes! Yes! Reading your post made me realize how afraid I’ve become at work to put my thoughts out there (my ‘insights’ aren’t very popular) and how that fear has been leaking over into my writing. Having read some younger writers recently, i want back that outspokenness. I want to believe again that my writing can make a difference. That may be different than the imagination you wrote about but it is a step back from seeking likes and instant approval. Thanks for making me think!

    1. Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

      Oh, yes! Thanks for this perspective, Maery. We have to imagine our ‘insights’ really are insightful in order to put them down on the page. When we are surprised by what we’ve written, chances are good a reader will be.

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