4 thoughts on “How do we frame these times?”

  1. Thank you, Emily, for this thoughtful and hopeful post!

    This is one of my favourite quotes in times of personal struggle (or just bafflement at the world situation). It never fails to remind me of my own strength, and the strength of humanity.

    “Hope abides; therefore I abide.
    Countless frustrations have not cowed me.
    I am still alive, vibrant with life.
    The black cloud will disappear,
    The morning sun will appear once again
    In all its supernal glory.”
    – Sri Chinmoy
    (STS 47)

    1. Emily Jarrett Hughes

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer Sumangali! Yes, we need this reminder of the bigger arc that the sun will appear once again.

  2. Thank you Emily for your post (and thank you Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew for sharing!) I found myself quietly musing over it the last week. I, too, this week have been struggling with how to frame these times, and how to write about it. Here in Southern California, I’ve been also thinking about the SuperBloom a lot too. I’ve noticed that the SuperBloom is not necessarily obvious. My first foray into the Anza Borrego desert found me underwhelmed by the pale weeds flowering in patches among the cacti–but then my attitude was dull that day and I was too tired to get off the freeway and walk into the desert–to look more closely at the magic happening all around. And, I didn’t appreciate that the desert flowers were all on their own blooming schedule, some bursting together on one day and others bursting a week later. In framing these times, like in seeking the SuperBloom, I have found it depends not only on where and when I look, but on my own attitude. It also requires a pinch of trust. A SuperBloom happens after a long drought that has encouraged seeds to adopt a hard protective coating. When, at last, a generous rain comes, the protective coating melts, and a super bloom–a Great Turning–happens. Ultimately, whether the desert appears barren or blooming to me–it helps to remember both are part of a process unfolding that is greater than myself and beyond my control. What I can bring to the table is the willingness to look closely at what is there blooming among the cacti and to have faith that all is unfolding as it should.

    1. Mariah I love this image of the Great Turning as a SuperBloom. I’m originally from California and my family still lives there. I’ve been following the drought and rains and excitement of the bloom. You inspire me to lean into this SuperBloom even more. Time to go search for SuperBloom images on the internet….

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