Celebration on the Altar of the World

Well, friends, my decades-long obsession with revision has reached a new extreme. I’ve shamelessly messed with another author’s work. Is this even allowed? When my mother died, her study group was preparing to read Teilhard’s Divine Milieu. I picked up her beat-up paperback copy just as I began a two-year formation program in contemplative Christianity. One day my teachers …

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Person birthing with midwife in bathroom

Mothering Instincts

In honor of International Women’s Day I dug back into Hannah, Delivered, my first attempt at long fiction. The plot’s shaggy, Hannah’s voice a tad cloying, her transformation predictable, and even so the pages radiate enough novice enthusiasm for the wild and wooly subculture of traditional midwifery that I keep turning pages. Hannah’s apprenticeship and …

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2020 Dreaming

The crises of our times are overwhelming. And Covid has tied our hands; we can’t offer solutions the way we’d like to, the way we know is most effective—in person, together. My dream tells me to trust deeply in work we can do at home, alone and within our families.

Welcome, Virus

So what can we do? We can accept these limits. We can release, again and again, our needs for security, affection, and control. We can embrace this moment as it is, fully welcoming the wisdom of the body, because in our fear and sadness and anger hides our immense love for this world, and that’s where divinity enters.