Stories in the Genes

My ancestors are with me, in me. Their stories are my story, and somehow this is comforting. I’m not alone. I’m living out our story—and it’s so big, surely it’s holy.

Bath-Time Resurrection

If you’ve happened to walk past our house on a Saturday around seven p.m., chances are good you considered calling child protection.  Judging from Gwyn’s screams, that’s our weekly time for torture.  In fact we’re just washing her hair—once a week is frequent enough, thank you.  There have been times when Gwyn’s anxiety about hair-washing …

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Resurrection Socks

A month ago on a long drive to Madison Emily taught me to darn socks.  Basically you sew along the circumference of the hole, warp it like a loom and then weave.  Darning thread is comprised of four strands so you don’t have to be precise about moving in and out.  It’s surprisingly, ridiculously, easy. …

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