2 thoughts on “Repaint! Repent! Revise!”

  1. Perfect timing with this post. As I was meditating today I remembered a recurring dream I had about our adjacent neighbor denuding his 40 acres of wild California chaparral. It’s always a distressing dream, and equally distressing when he fires up his bulldozer in real life. I was meditating on loving the land and my neighbor when it came to me – I am loving with conditions – that the land remain as is, that my neighbor see the error of his ways – I was not loving them for the sake of who and what they were but for what I excepted of them, for how I wanted them to be. So the goal today was to love without expectations, wants or fears. Talk about weak muscles! I will practice letting go of them a little each day, and maybe (no expectations, though) I will become as strong as WonderWoman! Thanks for the encouragement.

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