Already Mediocre!

Nine p.m., Gwyn and I drive from her second Park & Rec volleyball game through the night toward home and she’s bouncing with energy.  I’ve just told her how proud I am.  “I know!” she enthuses.  “With tennis, it took me years to be mediocre.  Volleyball’s much easier.  I’m already mediocre!”   Thus my pride.  …

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2020 Dreaming

The crises of our times are overwhelming. And Covid has tied our hands; we can’t offer solutions the way we’d like to, the way we know is most effective—in person, together. My dream tells me to trust deeply in work we can do at home, alone and within our families.

Faith and the “Poopy Growth Mindset”

Ask what I’m learning in the Living School and I’ll blather incoherently, enthusiastically, and at great length about the Christian mystical tradition, the significance of contemplation, and a complete overhaul of my faith. I was doing just that at Easter dinner a few weeks ago. My father-in-law asked, and all eleven relatives at the table …

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Original Immaturity

I began to see the human journey as simply growing up. We’re born with original immaturity. Kids throw toys in the toilet. Our task is to develop into our fullest, flourishing, interconnected Self, which is the opposite of the small, grasping, individualistic self.