12 thoughts on “We Are Marching”

  1. What a beautiful letter, Elizabeth! A great gift to Gwyn and to the rest of us. Your mother would be so very proud of you–and touched deeply because you are sharing with your child what she shared with you and your sister.

    March on! and God bless 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

      Thank you, Gail! My mom wouldn’t have dreamed of marching when I was a kid. She only became a big marcher in her last decades, in response to the UMC’s unjust policies around GLBTQA folks. I’m so proud of her, too!

  2. I wish I could March but I am on vacation. The march is just the start of something biģger. We need to remember that when they go low, we go high. That’s the message I would give Gwyn. We will prevail by taking that high road and setting the example. Your mom is right. We will be the example you need

  3. Thanks Elizabeth for all your precious and devoted work. I marched in DC during the early 80’s. Peace and justice was the theme…cab drivers stopped their cars..opened trunks held up bread…Bread not Bombs…Holly Near was one of concert singers in Grand Central Park. The time there and after has stayed with us. The bus was also our hotel, safe place, food…for many hours. Thanks again for all you be, do and treasure. Enjoy being on facebook and following the activities. World Peace, spiritual energies, blessings to you and your family…Sorry about your Mom. Will keep you in mind and heart…. H.

    1. Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

      SO good to hear from you, Helen! I definitely felt as though I was marching with others, both across the nation and across time. A woman there was dressed as a suffragette! Thank you for your blessings…

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