Corrective Lenses

IMG_0320Recently I plunged into Minneapolis Park & Rec’s latest phenomenon and started swimming across Lake Nokomis. The lifeguards tow enormous orange buoys out for the course, then hover alongside in their kayaks. The first time I was ecstatic—such freedom! such a great workout!—except that, without my glasses, I couldn’t see the buoys and kept veering off course.

So I bought prescription goggles.

Now you have to understand that I’ve been both terrifically near-sighted and an avid swimmer since I was nine. When I got my first pair of glasses, I was amazed that trees actually had leaves. My world came into focus, and I’ve been grateful ever since. But swimming, in the Hudson River, in Adirondack lakes, in Minnesota’s many glacial lakes and at my beloved Y, has always been a blur. To me even clear water is fuzzy. Add my propensity to get ear infections and thus wear ear plugs, and swimming becomes an experience of sensory deprivation, or rather is entirely and intensely felt. I enter a watery cocoon. I sense the depths, the pressure, the air in my body. I disappear.

Sunday morning, however, I strapped on the new goggles and I was nine all over again. The buoy was brilliant orange, right there, bobbing on the surface. The murk of Lake Nokomis was suddenly clear murk, with a sandy bottom. From my back the clouds had form, the seagulls personality, and swimming, this movement I’ve loved all my life, became brand new. This, I thought to myself, is what it’s like to be born again, to see the world afresh, in all its glory.

I’ve known many miracles, a few even supernatural and profoundly transformative. As ordinary and as human as they seem, today I want to proclaim the holy miracle of corrective lenses. I was blind but now I see.  –Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew



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