6 thoughts on “Seeking Justice Through Stories”

  1. I struggle with “not doing enough” and this post is so helpful. In my heart I know what I am supposed to do, where I am to use my energy and my gifts, but I get distracted and pulled and stretched too thin. I am grateful for your reminders of what clear and deep writing can do.

    1. Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

      Thanks, Nancy. It takes work to listen to our hearts and trust their leading! I definitely get pulled too thin as well. I’m constantly saying no to activities I care about deeply. Arg!

  2. I so very much appreciate this post as I struggle, too, with how to spend my time. I was just contemplating getting out there to canvass…but I also think my energies belong here. For far too long, I’ve spent them elsewhere, so I’m grateful for this reminder.
    Also, I’m excited about the Orison Anthology! You’re also alongside my friend Emilia Phillips, a wonderful poet!

    1. Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

      Hi, Patty! Isn’t it a daily struggle to know where to put our energies?! Ugh. I feel like a lot of the work of adulthood is forgiving myself for feeling passionate about issues that I can’t give energy to. And giving energy to the small arena where my gifts and clear invitations lie. Thanks so much for staying in touch. –Elizabeth

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