Spiritual Growth

Bucket List

A friend explained to me yesterday why she, a born-and-bred Catholic, is faithfully attending adult education classes at her UCC church, asking hard questions, giving the pastor blunt answers, and otherwise being a rabble-rouser.  “I want to know what I believe before I die,” she said.  “I don’t want simply to fall back on what …

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Changing Church

Ages ago, when I was in the messy middle of coming out bisexual (I felt raw and unformed because I was not the person others had thought me to be; I railed against God for making this world such a difficult place to be honest in) I read a passage my spiritual director Cil Braun …

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Holy Memory

Five hours into our week-long family vacation, Gwyn said, “I want to go home!”  This wasn’t a new refrain.  When she’s excessively tired or hungry, she sometimes says it when we’re at home, bustling around the kitchen or getting ready for bed.  Emily and I have speculated that “home” is a pre-birth memory for Gwyn, …

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